5 Mouth-Watering Turkish Desserts

Turkish food and desserts are famous all around the world. There is a phrase a meal is not complete without a dessert so there is always room for the dessert. In this article, you will taste a glimpse of the 5 mouth-watering Turkish desserts. There are different types of the Turkish desserts some are light and milky, some are rich in calories and with syrup. Therefore, you will definitely find a one makes you happy.

Let’s see these delicious desserts.



Baklava is the most famous Turkish Dessert

I think baklava is the most popular Turkish dessert. It is made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped pistachios and sweetened with syrup.

Making Baklava Phyllo Dough

The secret of the grandest Baklava is phyllo dough should be as thin as possible and pistachios should be grown in Gaziantep. Hence, Gaziantep is the origin of the Baklava, the best specialists come from there. It is very rich, sweet and appears at every special occasion in Turkey.

2 – Aşure or  Noah’s Pudding

Aşure or Noah’s Pudding

Aşure or Noah’s Pudding is one of the few vegan Turkish desserts

Aşure is made of mixture grains, fruits, and nuts. These are the categories of the ingredients, the actual list includes pomegranate, fig, apricots, raisins, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, chickpeas, and navy beans to name just a few ingredients. Because the list goes so long, I have tasted quite different types of Aşure and all are very delicious. It is light and vegan dessert.

There is legend says it was initially cooked by Noah. Noah decided to throw bits of everything he had left on the ark into one pot and created this nutritious pudding. It is the s a symbol of diversity, friendship, and unity. During Muharrem (the first month of the Islamic calendar), it is made in large quantities and bowls of aşure is distributed as many people as possible around. If you come to Turkey during this month, you can get a free one 🙂

3 – Güllaç


Güllaç is easy to digest traditional Turkish dessert. It dates back to 15th century. In that time, people made phyllo from corn starch and stored it for later use. The dried phyllo was soaked into sugary milk and eaten. Tradition transformed and this delicious dessert was created.


Here is how you can make güllaç. Güllaç phyllo is soaked into milk with rose water and stacked 3 or 4 layers then put a layer of nuts continue to stack another 3- or 4 layers. Finally, decorate it with pomegranate as an Ottoman tradition.

4 – Künefe


Künefe is derived from Kadayıf and one of the most famous Turkish dessert. It is made with cheese and shredded kadayıf dough soaked in sweet syrup. Kunefe must be eaten right after the cooking. When you take a slice, you must see the cheese is melted and stretches. It is topped with pistachio and/or kaymak

5 – Sütlaç

The name sütlaç derived from sütlü aş (food with milk). It is made of milk, rice, and granulated sugar. The one you see in the photo below is called fırında sütlaç, which has an extra cooking phase in the oven to give brownish colour. It is very light dessert and served cold.


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