Best of Istanbul Photos – The Princes’ Islands

The Princes’ Islands consist of a chain of nine islands (or archipelago) in the Sea of Marmara. Only four of them are open to the public and those are popular places for tourists and local people. These are Kınalıada, Burgaz, Heybeliada, and Büyükada which is the most popular and biggest one. Motor vehicles are banned from islands and the main transportation sources are bicycles and horse-drawn carriage. This makes the Princes’ Islands silent place where you can concentrate on nature and shoot gorgeous Istanbul photos.

How to get The Princes’ Islands

There are ferries take off from Istanbul. During ferry ride, you will chase the Sea of Marmara and see lots of Seagulls. Seagulls are the symbol of the Sea of Marmara. It is common to feed them with simit which is a traditional Turkish sesame bagel. When you get the ferry, they will race with you.

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A seagull is eating its classic lunch a piece of simit.

When you arrive the island you will see the difference immediately. Nature, fresh weather, transportation, architecture almost everything is different from the bustling city.

The Islands are free from motor vehicles so you can have a peace of mind and very relaxing time there. Nature of the Islands will make you fall in love. You can leave everything behind and chase this amazing view.

Church of St. George (Aya Yorgi Kilisesi) is also located in Büyükada. It is recognised as the spiritual leader of the world’s Eastern Orthodox Christians. During the eastern festival, Büyükada attracts many people.

There is no motor vehicle except the emergency ones.

The two main transportation mediums are bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. This makes the islands silent than the cities. It also allows you shoot stunning photos.

Horse-drawn carriages are mainly used for carrying people and stuff.

You can hire bicycles and dive into nature

When the sunset start, it is time to go back home. Take a ferry and say goodbye to this lovely place. Then, think about rescheduling your plans to put this amazing beauty in your diary for the next time.

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