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Baklava and green pistachios 0

World Famous Dessert: Baklava

If you have a sweet tooth, then you are going to love Turkey! While the Turkish pastry tradition is indescribably vast, baklava stands out as the favourite dessert of the Turks. The most mouthwatering...

Gypsy Girl Mosaic is the symbol of the ancient city of Zeugma 0

The World’s Largest Mosaic Museum: Zeugma

Gaziantep, UNESCO Gastronomy City, is popular with its cuisine and history. If you visit Gaziantep you will taste delicious food, best baklava, and stare mosaics which are some of the most extraordinary examples to survive...

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Fabric of Palaces : Kutnu Fabric

Gaziantep Market is one of the most vibrant in Anatolia with every tone of red, yellow and green in evidence. Fiery spices, gleaming copper, blue, red and purple ‘kutnu’ fabrics and blood red ‘yemeni’...