Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Drinking coffee is a daily habit for many. Some people even don’t start the day without drinking a cup of coffee. I am sure most of you know or taste Turkish coffee. However, Turkish coffee is not just a hot beverage, it is also a part of the culture.  It has unique preparing style, ignites conversations, be an essential part of the ceremonies like engagements. In this article, you will learn some interesting facts about Turkish coffee.

Traditional Turkish Coffee

1. Turkish coffee is not originated from Turkey

Turkish Coffee and delight

The earliest evidence of the coffee drinking comes from 15-th century from Yemen. Then, it came to Ottoman Empire which introduced coffee to Europe. Turks discovered the brewing style so the name indicates special coffee preparing and brewing style.

2. It is protected by UNESCO

Turkish coffee is inscribed UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2013. It is not only the special preparation type and brewing but also the rich communal traditional culture. It is the symbol of hospitality and friendship. There is a saying: “Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır.” The translation is “a cup of Turkish coffee will be remembered for forty years.” It means that coffee will be remembered for a long time and those people will have a bond between them.

3. It is the only coffee served without filtering

A cup of turkish coffee

A cup of Turkish coffee

All other coffee types have filtered to remove the coffee residue otherwise, you will end up with coffee grinds in your cup. However, Turkish coffee doesn’t require filtering because the coffee beans are grounded very fine and it has special brewing method. The coffee residue will settle the bottom of the glass so it is common to wait for a little before drinking. The grounds left in the cup is used telling person’s fortune.

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4. Foam is quality

Foam is the main indicator of the quality

Foam is the main indicator of the quality

The foam is the main indicator of the quality. Freshly grounded coffee can have the foam therefore it will show you how fresh the coffee beans. Foam also allows coffee to stay hot. Its taste stays longer in your tongue thanks to the foam.

5. It is the only coffee type prepared by boiling

Brewing of Turkish Coffee

The usual coffee is prepared with hot water however Turkish coffee is put inside the cold water and heated. It is the only coffee type prepared with this method.

6. Bridegroom can have a salty coffee

Turkish coffee is the essential part of the engagement ceremonies. If you are a bridegroom candidate, your potential wife can prepare a salty (sometimes spicy) coffee in the family meeting. The degree of the salt shows the intention of the girl for the boy. If it is too salty, it means the girl doesn’t like the boy. However, the boy can drink that terrible coffee and shows how much he wants the girl.

7. Which one is first, coffee or water?

In the Ottoman time, coffee was always served with water because there was a purpose. If guests drunk the water first, it was indicating that they were hungry so house owner would prepare food. Later, serving water with coffee became a tradition but it has lost its meaning.

Bonus: It contains less caffeine than other coffee types 🙂

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