Mardin : A City of Stonework

Mardin Old City

Mardin Old City

Mardin is a historical city which is located on a strategic hilltop overlooking the plains of Mesopotamia in southeastern Turkey. The city is melting pot of many cultures and religions.The Mardin castle dominates the old town with stone houses and minarets. Mardin is the candidate to be an iconic Turkey destination like Ephesus and Pamukkale. You can easily tour the old town of Mardin by walking. Let’s travel this ancient city.

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Mardin Stone Houses


Mardin Stone Houses, MiniaturkStone Houses – Mardin, Miniaturk

Mardin houses reflect the culture and lifestyle of the city. They are well preserved with an old-style carving. The stone houses are dressed with arches and motifs which make each house an art piece. The architecture of the houses is also very suitable for the climate.

Mardin Castle

Mardin Castle - Image credit:

Mardin Castle – Image credit:

The castle also known as Eagle Nest is located at top of the old town hill. It was built in 975 and a thousand meter higher than the ground. There is a tower which still exists on the southern side of the castle. You can have a beautiful view of the Mardin city at the top of the castle.

Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Deyrulzafaran Manastırı - Mardin

Deyrulzafaran Manastırı – Mardin

The place was built as a sun temple before the Christ and definite time is unknown. Later this underground sun temple converted to a church and Syriac-Orthodox Christian monastery was built in the 5th century. It takes its name from the saffron flowers. The monastery is still active and serves as a temple and school.

Kasımiye Theological College (Kasımiye Medresesi)

This 15th-century medrese complex consists of a theological college and domed mosque. The entire complex has a peaceful atmosphere. From the roof, you can see all of the town’s beauty.

Grand Mosque ( Ulu Camii)

Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque – Image credit:

Mardin Grand Mosque is the symbol of the city. It is the oldest mosque in the Mardin city. The exact building date is not known but there are written evidence shows it existed in 1176. The mosque is a great example of the stonework. You can see the details in the minaret.

Mardin Grand Mosque Minaret

Mardin Grand Mosque Minaret – Image credit:

Mor Behnam (Kırklar) Church

Kırkılar Church - Image credit: Baki Ateş

Kırkılar Church – Image credit: Baki Ateş

The church which took both names from early period Christian legends was built in mid 6th century. Bones of forty martyrs were brought to this church in 1170.

 Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum

The museum which was the old Syriac-Catholic patriarchate was built in 1895. It has a variety of the collections from the Palaeolithic era to the 19th century. You can see gravestones, inscriptions, statues, jewelries, arms and many more historical artifacts.

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Gazi Paşa Primary School

Gazi Paşa Primary School

Gazi Paşa Primary School

Latifiye Mosque

Latifiye Mosque

Latifiye Mosque

Zinciriye Theological College (Zinciriye Medresesi)

Zinciriye Medresesi - Image Credit: Baki Ateş

Zinciriye Medresesi – Image Credit: Baki Ateş

Old PTT Building (Eski PTT Binası)

Mardin PTT Binasi

Mardin PTT Binasi

Şehidiye Mosque

Şehidiye Medresesi Avlusu

Şehidiye Medresesi Avlusu

Dara Ruins

Dara sarayyolu

Dara Sarayyolu


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