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Alanya - Image Credit:

Alanya – Image Credit:

Alanya is a beautiful holiday centre with its beautiful sandy beaches, modern hotels and motels, as well as numerous fish restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. The cafes that ring the harbour are popular gathering places for tourists and locals. From the towns lovely park, the road runs along the coast to the harbour, lined with many small shops that offer handicrafts, leather clothes, jewellery, handbags and the amusing painted gourds that are unique to the area. There are many blue flag beaches and many sights including Damlataş Cave, Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Dim Çayı Valley, three see grottoes: Fosforlu Mağara, Kızlar Mağarası and Aşıklar Mağarası and many more.

Damlatas Beach - Image Credit:

Damlatas Beach – Image Credit:

Beaches of Alanya

Alanya is popular with beautiful sandy beaches. Hence, the sea all around Alanya is excellent for swimming, you can jump into the sea whenever you see the water. Cleopatra Beach, Damlatas Beach, and Incekum Beach are the famous beaches in Alanya.

Cleopatra Beach

It is on the west side of the historical peninsula and on the seafront of the Damlatas Cave. It has the blue flag. The backside of the beach is on the seafront of the peninsula. This natural beach that is covered by rocks, it is famous with the story of Egypt Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Antonius swam in here. The small cove that is known as Cleopatra that lies through the peninsula and existed with big stones. Its clarity is the quality of this beach. When you swim underwater, you can see fishes and other natural beauties.


It is in front of the Damlatas Cave, on the boom of Alanya Castle. In front of the park and Damlatas Cave, each kind of service can be provided. Alanya Beach has glamorous beauty with clear and thin sand. Behind of this beach, there are many hotels which service to tourism. Cleopatra Beach that is behind of Castle has clear and thick sand and also becomes deep from the seafront. Sandy beach is quite wide.

Damlatas Beach - Image Credit:

Damlatas Beach – Image Credit:

Incekum Beach

It is near the Avsallar Town that is on the 26th km of road between Alanya and Antalya. Incekum Beach has an important point for Alanya because of being sea and forest together. It is a very attractive place for its clear and shallow sea, thin sand, and picnic areas for people.

Caves in Alanya

There are many caves should be added to the list of places to see in Alanya.  Damlatas Cave is a must see places during your visit. By boat, you can reach three other caves: the Phosphorous Cave with its phosphoric rocks, Girls Cave (Kizlar Cave), where pirates held their women prisoners, and Lovers Cave (Asiklar Cave).
Damlatas Cave - Image Credit:

Damlatas Cave – Image Credit:

Historical Places in Alanya

Alanya does not only have a beautiful nature but also enrich history. Alanya Castle surrounded by walls with 6 km lengths and situated on 10 hectares of a peninsula, hosted Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilisations. Red Tower is another nice place to see. Being one of the unique examples of the medieval Mediterranean defence structure from the 13th century, Red Tower was built by order of Alaeddin Keyqubad I, the Seljuk ruler, to Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani who was a master builder from Aleppo in order to protect harbor, shipyard and Alanya Castle against attacks from the sea. You can check the Alanya  Municipality’s website to see more historical places.

Red Tower Alanya - Image Credit:

Red Tower in Alanya – Image Credit:

When nature dealt out beauties, Alanya has gotten its share extremely. Alanya is one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The kilometres long beach is generally sandy. Just after The Mediterranean sea which turns to blue-turquoise colour near to Alanya, raise the West-Taurus Mountains. The Taurus Mountains create a quite different world with its pine and cedar trees, its streaming rivers from the top and its valleys. The cool shade of Dim Brook Valley, 15 km east of Alanya, is an ideal place to get away and relax.
Dim Çayı (Dim River) -Image Credit:

Dim Çayı (Dim River) -Image Credit:

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