Salda Lake: Turkey’s Maldives

Salda Lake in the southern province of Burdur’s Yeşilova district has been reputed as “Turkey’s Maldives” in recent years for its white beach and clear water, becoming a favourite spot for tourists. Interestingly, the lake has the same rock structure as Mars.  Salda Lake offers its visitors a visual feast of blue, green and white.

Salda lake has crystal clear water and white sands - Image Credit:

Salda Lake has crystal clear water and white sands – Image Credit:

Burdur is known as the region of lakes but Salda carries many different features than the others. It is one of the deepest, clearest and healthiest lakes in the world to swim in. It is one of the five award-winning lakes in Turkey. The region is untouched and it makes it more attractive. When you look at the lake, you can see the ground easily. Because of its similarity to Maldives, Salda Lake is known as Turkey’s Maldives.

An overview of Lake Salda

An overview of Lake Salda

The lake, which has crystal clear water, is the deepest in the country with a depth of 184 meters. Nestled amongst the Toros Mountains the lake is 193 meters above sea level. The lake’s water, which has crater features, is rich in magnesium and clay and the lake’s beach has turned a beautiful white due to the magnesium in its waters. Lake Salda is a first-degree archaeological site and a tourism centre.

“If you wonder Mars, you should visit Salda Lake”

The white beach draws the attention of scholars since it resembles the ground images of Mars. Professor Mike Russel of Scotland’s Glasgow University and his team came to Yeşilova in 1996 for scientific researches about the ground and soil structure of Lake Salda.

The white beach of Salda Lake has a similar structure of rocks found on Mars.

The white beach of Salda Lake has a similar structure of rocks found on Mars.

After four years of scientific research, Russel and his team found that the white rocks, which are full of magnesium, were similar to the structure of rocks found on Mars.

According to the scientific research, there are only two places in the world which share the same features as the planet Mars. Aside from Lake Salda there is another area located in northern Canada.

Location of Salda Lake

The lake is located four kilometres outside of the province of Burdur’s Yeşilova district. It takes 5 minutes from the Yeşilova by car. It is 75 km away from Burdur and journey takes around an hour and 15 minutes.

It is also close to holiday destination Antalya. Salda Lake is 159 Km far from Antalya. You can travel via car or there are Yeşilova buses directly from Antalya Bus Station.



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