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Gypsy Girl Mosaic is the symbol of the ancient city of Zeugma 0

The World’s Largest Mosaic Museum: Zeugma

Gaziantep, UNESCO Gastronomy City, is popular with its cuisine and history. If you visit Gaziantep you will taste delicious food, best baklava, and stare mosaics which are some of the most extraordinary examples to survive...

This is an artist’s impression of Çatalhöyük. Image credit: Dan Lewandowski. 0

The Land of Beginnings: Çatalhöyük

The Neolithic ‘city’ of Çatalhöyük, in the Çumra county of Konya province, was renowned for its extraordinary arts and crafts, and the earliest finds were from 7,400 BC. The settlement was an international key to...

Zeugma 0

Do you know these facts about Turkey?

Gobekli Tepe / Şanliurfa is the oldest human-made place of worship yet discovered, dated to 7500 – 6000 BC.  The world’s oldest known settlement is in Catalhoyuk in central Anatolia, Turkey, and dates back...

Galata-Tower 0

Istanbul – Historical Places

Istanbul is the bridge between Europe and Asia. It is not only connecting two continents physically but also connecting cultures, history, and natural beauties. There are an infinite number of activities with amazing beauty.