Winter Holiday Places in Turkey

Turkey has four seasons which makes it a spectacular holiday destination all year around. In summer, you can go to the seasides and taste one of the best beaches in the world while enjoying the history and culture. When the summer is over, Turkey still offers you lots of things like natural beauties with the spectacular colour show in Yedigöller or winter sports in Uludağ Ski Resort. In this article, you will discover some of the beautiful winter holiday places in Turkey.

Yedigöller – Bolu

Bolu Yedigöller National Park

Bolu Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) lies among stream, river and valleys. These seven lakes are Sazlıgöl, İncegöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Deringöl, Büyükgöl and Seringöl. These lakes are surrounded with oak, hornbeam, redwood, witch elm, black pine, ash tree, Scotch pine, fir, lime trees and short trees such as Hazelwood, hawthorn, whitebeam and ferns and colourful flowers.

Accommodation in Yedigöller National Park -Image Credit:

Accommodation in Yedigöller National Park -Image Credit:

It snows in the second part of November and December, January, February, March and April. It is a favourite spot for tours and picnics and also for photographers. Fog rising beneath the mountains meets with the white cover of snow and creates a fantastic view.

Bolu Yedigöller National Park with snow

Bolu Yedigöller National Park with snow

You can look closer to Yedigöller in this video.

Sümela Monastery – Trabzon

Sümela Monastery - Trabzon - Image Credit:

Sümela Monastery – Trabzon – Image Credit:

Sümela Monastery is an attraction centre for domestic and foreign tourists with its plant diversity, beautiful landscape and wildlife. There are many accommodation centres on the way to the Monastery. Sümela Monastery, which is surrounded by pine forests, is covered with snow for 5 months during the year. It is possible to accommodate the facilities, which are located beneath the Monastery, every day of the year.

Sümela Monastery (Trabzon) with snow - Image Credit:

Sümela Monastery (Trabzon) with snow – Image Credit:

Lake Abant – Bolu

Valleys are located between the forests of pine, fir and beech trees. The place is covered with snow between December and April. People visiting Abant, in which pine trees are covered with white snow, can travel around with barouche, ride horse and bicycle, have a picnic by the lake and ski down the hills and enjoy the snow. Water lilies surround coasts of the river and in some places, reeds exist too.

Lake Abant - Bolu - Image Credit: Fazıl Karaduman

Lake Abant – Bolu – Image Credit: Fazıl Karaduman

Uludağ – Bursa

Tutyeli ski-track is very convenient for skiing in terms of its length and infrastructure. The elevation of the mountain is 2 thousand 550 meters. The period between December and March is the most appropriate time for skiing. In the first and second residential areas, there are many hotels and guesthouses. The view of the track is magnificent. All the hotels and facilities in the first and second residential areas and Bakacak region is beneath you. The panoramic view is fascinating. When the weather is clear, visibility range reaches to Gemlik Gulf.



It is one of the most important ski centres in Turkey. The mountain is covered in snow between November and May. Especially at night, lights of Erzurum city is lies beneath. When the fog descends on the city, the ground disappears and you only see the summit of the mountain covered in snow. The sunset has a peculiar beauty from there.

Erzurum Palandöken - Image Credit:

Erzurum Palandöken – Image Credit:


Uyum Çocuk

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